Thursday, February 07, 2008

More kk stuff!!

Here's one pic of the scarf I made this winter, before Christmas, for our adopt-a-family little girl (about 7-ish) through our local Serve center at work. I REALLY REALLY love this scarf! Like you just wouldn't even believe!!

I made this scarf on the small pink long loom from provo craft using the figure eight for the very first row and what provo craft calls the "fashion stitch" for the rest of the scarf. I didn't count rows on this one. Instead, I just borrowed my 10 year old son from time to time to check the length of the scarf. As you can imagine, my camo loving boy didn't like the pink fuzzy scarf. I figured that once it was long enough for my 4'10" son, it would surely fit even a large little girl. The stitches were also similar to the previous scarf I showed (the one for my son) so that it would be warm when needed and cool when running around all crazy!

I just hope that the little girl who received it loved it. I was, and still am, afraid that she is a major tomboy and using a scarf like that one just would NOT do for her. I suppose I'll never know!

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