Monday, March 31, 2008

Fingerless Mitts, as promised....finally!!

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I just had to show you this! I was finally able to get my blog to work with my flickr account, so I'm just absolutely thrilled!

Anyway, here is my wonderful pic of my fingerless mitts based off of a pattern I found (and then discovered was on - wOoT!!) located at:

This lady is INCREDIBLE!! And I love so many of her creations!

Anyway, that's it for right now...back to school work I go!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Time out for me...

my computer crapped out, so I won't be posting as much as I attempt to...don't worry about me though! I will be back soon!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Gonna try this...

and hope it works...

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I so have to share this pic!!

I think this would be perfect for mike and i as our name is arthur and trillian! What do you think?

Check it out here!

P.S. If I can ever get my blog settings set up on flickr, I'll stop using links...wish me luck, cause I've tried about 6 times now to get it set up and still haven't managed it...

Anybody have any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

On Ravelry...

I am a very pleased member of Ravelry and I just love that site! I have so many wonderful things to look at and to learn more about and to, of course, make! I'm all sorts of smilie about that!

I've posted up some new projects on there and now need to figure out how to get them linked to this blog, so, I guess I'm going to try to get that figured out.

I've also got an account on Flickr (which I've been resisting...but that is what ravelry is linked to, so....ya know...) where the pics of my projects and other personal pics are at but couldn't get the link between this and flickr to work...maybe I can figure out how to get pics by themselves of something...more work for me I guess!

Also, as soon as I get the pics taken of my slippers I will post up the design as well!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Broken promises, yet again!

I meant to take pictures of my slipper that I made, along with the pattern, but forgot/didn't get around to taking the pics...I have lots of things like that, actually...I'm going to work hard on getting that done soon...I even have a flickr account now also, along with my picasa to make things a little easier...I really miss my tabblo, but they don't have plug-in for iPhoto, so I'm not using it anymore!

Anyway, to change the subject...

did ya know I'm a green kinda gal, and not just because it's St Patty's day? I use only vinegar, baking soda, water, lemon, borax, and a smidge of soap to clean with? Or that I brush my teeth with just a 3 to 1 mix of baking soda and salt? That I'm concerned about the ingredients in our products?

Well, on that note, did ya know that there may be a link between breast cancer and deodorant and makeup? Hmmm...well, I don't wear makeup, but once in a great while, so that doesn't worry me too much...but, the deodorant part does!! Well, skip ahead to me reading thru the "living green" book I received for free a while ago and there is mention of using baking soda as a deodorant!

Do wha?!? So, I look it up online and there is lots about this out there! So, that is my well does baking soda work as a deodorant? So far so good, but it's only been two days. I'll let ya know more later!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Wow...time does fly...

I seem to say that alot on here, but it never fails to amaze me at how much time just zooms by me!!

I'm enjoying my new job doing medical's kinda fun, learning all the new stuff.

I've been very busy working on my new project, which I finally decided upon!!

I went with the "betty" shrug from berroco, I'm really enjoying my crocheting at this point. I've also still been working on my cloth napkins (the pretty ones!) but I think I'm going to try to find some old remnant fabrics/old napkins, for everyday use that I an put some pretties on soon. I'll have to post up pics soon of what I have gotten done...but it's not much!

I also have my version of mary jane slippers that I finished last weekend and I'll have to post up pics and instuctions (both here and at ravelry!)

anyway, enough for now!!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

What a beautiful day!!

And I spent the vast majority of it in the house working on some crochet stuff...

Not that I minded, trust me!! I now have an absolutely adorable pair of fingerless mittens based off of this pattern by CreativeYarn. I crocheted it in Caron Simply Soft Plum Wine, so it is really girly! So outside the norm for me! But then agian so is all my other crafting things lately!

I'm now working on a matching scarflette, based off of the pattern used for the mitts, photos coming soon!! As well as a pattern.

I figured it must be a wonderful day today, because we had two groups of visitors to our home cache today, very unusual! But nice! Happy caching to those who got out today to do so! We probably would've went out yesterday caching some, except that mike had a stomach bug that just wasn't doing him any favors, so we stayed at home.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

I think I'm officially frogging this one for good...

and it hasn't even gotten off the ground completely yet! To make a long story, well, long, let me explain the story of this one...

I found this beautiful pattern on lion brand yarn's website called "The Curtain Call Shrug", even though it looks more like a boloro to me...

So, I figured out the gauge for my knifty knitter (long loom, blue) and go everything worked out on how long to make the knit/purl ribbing, and how many rows for it and how many rows for the knit only section, etc. etc. I put a lot of hard work into converting this pattern for the knifty knitter, now! And now, I think I want to frog it for a beautiful crochet one I just happened to run across...isn't it beautiful?

But then again, it seems like such a happy, spring-y type of shrug/bolero, I almost hate the thought of making it with my dark sage worsted weight caron simply soft yarn, but yet if I buy any more yarn, my DH might kill me!! frog or not to frog...

let's just wait and see!