Sunday, June 29, 2008

Join in for the fun!

Keep Yer Cool Challenge

Red Velvet Cake Balls, thanks to Bakerella!!

I made these for a picnic with mikes dads side of the family, and just wanted to share all the pics I remembered to take, which wasn't many! They went very quickly and I didn't bring home a single one, either!! I was actually grateful for that, as I've been trying to avoid processed sugars and really didn't want to bring them home, as I would have to eat the rest of them!

Don't they look yummy? Mmmmm....must make some more soon!

c'mon and join the fun!!

come see me here!!

This is really kinda fun!!

Marching Kazoos?

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Last weekend was the annual Kingdom Days/Street Fair stuff, and this is one of many parade pics that I have. I just picked this one cause it is too funny. The Futon Family Health Associates have some of the most uptight docs in town, so I'm glad to see at least someone there has a sense of humour!! How's that for hilarious? And yes, they really did march and play a kazoo. It was wonderful...maybe next year I'll ask to join in, just for the fun of it!

King Crab Goodness

King Crab Goodness
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Doesn't this look good?? My in-laws provided us with some of their king crab leg bounty (what they splurged on with their "economic stimulus") and we chowed down for fathers day on these big boys. They were FABULOUS!!

Go ahead and drool...just clean it up afterwards!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Garden pics, latest and greatest!

Here are some pics, finally of all our hard work. As you can see, we have lots of cool stuff coming up, and some stuff that isn't doing as well as we had hoped. But that's okay. You learn from your mistakes, and this picture taking frenzy of mine will also be a good tool for us to use this winter when we're planning out where everything will go and how we should plant the row, etc. All the stuff Mike is looking forward to working on this winter. Me, I just want to plant some unusual looking veggies, like thumbalina carrots or white carrots or asparagus green beans, there's just so many cool ones to plant!

Well, enjoy the pics! More to come soon!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our accidental plantings

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We had no intention of planting these cucumbers where they are, they just wound up there! It actually happened due to a combination of too much rain, washing the seeds out of the furrows and my hubby re-tilling the walkways in order to get out more of the damn weeds.

So, when he took the weeds to fill in an indention in our back yard, what did we find a couple weeks later? Well, yup, cucumber sprouts!! Where they didn't really belong. However, I'm not transplanting the little sob-ing things, so we are just weeding them and put rocks around the area so we don't oopsie and mow them down!

Click on the pick to see all of our garden pics, updated just about weekly!! LOL!! I know, I'm obsessed! And Mike is even worse!

And I so need a banner for my backyard gardening efforts to add to this thing, not that I'd know how to do that...

Newest statuary in Jeff City

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Here's one of my favorite pics from the new Lewis and Clark Memorial that was just finally completed not too long ago. Click on the pic to see more from there.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


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I actually get dressed up from time to time. What a miracle!!

Actually, it was our 6th anniversary, so dressing somewhat nice was definitely in order!