Sunday, March 22, 2009

Time flies yet again!! LOL!

Wow! Where did a month go? School, work, school, school, home, school...yup, think that sums it up! Lets see, what else? Broken camera, yeah, thats a biggie...sick me, just a little...some other things. Ok, so I really don't have an excuse! Lets be honest, shall we? LOL! Now, I do have pics to share, so I'll get on with those, shall I?

Crazy Mar/Apr 2009 schedule

Heres the first pic for ya! Its my crazy schedule for the rest of March and all of April. As you can tell by the yellow, Alex has joined kickball and it should be a whole helluva lotta fun for him...not so much for me! LOL! Add in school, work, and sleep, and I'm done! Just keep me in mind while I'm gone, eh?


This is what the cats think of the new furniture. Which, btw, I love greatly! Too bad we still can agree on a paint color for the walls! LOL!


Some num-nums for Mike and I. It was wonderful! Chicken breasts stuffed with roasted red peppers, feta cheese, artichoke hearts, some herbs, and cooked. Talk about wonderful! And to go with it (for me at any rate):


Yeah, it was good!

What else to share? Oh, how bout a big ol black lump named Ebony?


I think that just about all the good ones...oops, wait! One more!!


Alex at his last "Honor's Choir" concert for the PTO spaghetti supper fundraiser. Too bad you couldnt hear them worth a damn cause people were still talking throughout the musical performances.

So, there ya go! Some pics of the last month...Next weekend I'll have lots of pics, since its MOGA and I'm bound to have some sort of fun!