Friday, February 29, 2008

I've been busy!!

Very very busy! I've been sewing and kniffty knitting my little soul away!!

And I have pics (finally) uploaded!! Amazing, isn't it? Yup Yup, sure is!!

So, here's the first batch of stuff!!

So, here is the cell phone holder that I made. I made this for the cell phone I finally broke down and got! I'm not much of a cell phone fan myself, so really didn't care if I had one or not. And now that I got one for cheap (pay as you go one for 10 bucks) I'm not about to go spending a bunch of money on a holder for it! But yet, I don't want the screen to get scratched up (my dh went and removed the "protective plastic covering" from the screen, which I always leave on...) so this was an "invention" of necessity.

I have since decided that I hate the big nose-like button that I crocheted, and I think I'm going to replace it with a larger real button. I'll see what I can find at our local podunk Wally Fart's. Probably nothing nice, that's for sure!

I made it with Bernat Haven (don't remember the exact type and I don't think they make it anymore either) in orange and yellow. I used the blue round loom made it wide enough for my cell phone and long enough to fold over just like I wanted it to before knitting off of the loom.

Then I crocheted the edges together to make the pouch. I single crocheted the little "clasp" piece and Viola! it is done!!

Or something like that!!


Saturday, February 23, 2008

How pretty...

while reading my weekly blogs (I have lots of them I just love to read) I came across this website, thanks to enchanted crafts.

I thought, oh how neat, gotta try it!

So, here's mine!

Click here to create your own painting.

I think it looks like me!

Now you go try!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Here's the deal...

I am so planning on a day at home tomorrow, so pics will be forthcoming of the other projects I have done in the last few weeks, as well as some other stuff.

I'm also buying myself some stuff from Sublime Stitching cause it is just what I wanted to do with my napkins that I STILL haven't worked on yet!! I know, bad me, but that's another one of those things that I'm going to work on tomorrow too, if all goes well!!

Here's to hope!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

OK, so I lied...

I do have photos of one other project that I didn't show off yet!! Holy cow! What on earth was I thinking! LOL! Anyway, heres a pic of my project that I made using the provo craft site for a baby blanket. This was also given to my coworker who had a baby this last December. It went along with the the little fuzzy hat that I gave them also.

If you couldn't guess, it was made on my blue long loom from knifty knitter/provo craft. It's all one piece made from carron soft brand in soft pink (obviously it was made for a girl) using all pegs and making 100 rows. (without joining together, ie: flat panel, not in the round) It turned out so good!! I just loved it!

Here's some closer up pics of the border, which was crocheted in the shell pattern, I was also on the pattern from knifty knitter.

This one is really close up!

I was pretty darn proud of this thing...and by now I'm hooked!

I have so many things I've made and need to take pics of, I'll try to get to that this weekend...maybe! LOL!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wow, yet again time flies...

especially when you're busy! I've still got the pictures just waiting to be TAKEN still of projects I have worked on. My shawl, my quickie (and kinda ugly, but WARM!) shrug, Alex's blanket, my little cell phone cozy (since I decided to join the cell phone crazy world, you have no idea how much I dislike the damn things!), and who knows what all else that I have yet to take pics of!

I guess I need to do that soon as well as get my act together and get some other projects (like my napkins) done as well.

And to top it all off, my hubby agreed to do some scrapbook pages for a geocaching friend (or something) and we all know I'll be the one doing that! I don't really mind me a reason to blow off some other thing or another! LOL!

Let's see, what else is up?

We went to see Body Worlds 3 in St Louis this last weekend, stayed at the Drury Inn next to Union Station, ate at Maggie O'Briens (god do I love that place...) and had fun swimming in the pool while laughing at the nasty weather! Totally worth the "splurge" for the fun the three of us had!

I can't think of anything else going on right now, really, so I guess I'll just leave you with a pretty pic!

I just have to agree with Apartment Therapy (pic courtesy of...AT of course!) that this is one romantic look! And yup, I've always dreamed of having that in my house as well!

Here's the link!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Let's post some more stuff I've made on the KK

Why not? I have gobs of small stuff that I've made this winter and I know others would appreciate seeing them and how I made them. I still have to take pics of three things that I've made (a shawl, a shrug, and a lapghan) before I can post about them, tho!!

I'll show you my DH's scarf and hat set that I made, or maybe my scarf and hat set....hmmmm. Decisions decisions.

Lets do mine first since I made it first, shall we?

Here's a pic of my hat that I made using the lion brand homespun yarn ( I oh so love that type of yarn, let me tell you!! It's so wonderful to feel!)

It was made on the yellow long loom (I didn't have any of the round looms yet) using just the typical e wrap (can you tell that these are my beginner knits?). I didn't pull up the bottom to make a brim, I just left it to roll (which I like better anyway) and then closed it off using the "beanie" method from the provo hints/tips/projects book that I bought. It was the simplest damn thing to do anyway! How hard is it to sting thread through all of the loops and pull tight and tie it off? It just worked!

I realized as I was looking through my pics that I don't have one of my scarf at all, so there is another pic I must take!

In lieu of that, here's a cute pic of my hat being posed with one of my pitty pats!

Friday, February 08, 2008

More stuff to blog about, that I should've done long ago...

Here's another one of my little projects that I worked on over this winter.

There wasn't much to this hat, to tell you the truth. It was made with the same pink yarn as the scarf that I made with the added bonus of "fun fur" in soft pink also. I made it on the pink long loom, using the simple e wrap on all pegs all the way around. I have NO clue, whatsoever, how many rows it was, but it fit the baby perfectly well.

I made this one for one of my coworkers who was having her second baby girl, Brooklynn. I hope she gets a little bit of use out of it.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

More kk stuff!!

Here's one pic of the scarf I made this winter, before Christmas, for our adopt-a-family little girl (about 7-ish) through our local Serve center at work. I REALLY REALLY love this scarf! Like you just wouldn't even believe!!

I made this scarf on the small pink long loom from provo craft using the figure eight for the very first row and what provo craft calls the "fashion stitch" for the rest of the scarf. I didn't count rows on this one. Instead, I just borrowed my 10 year old son from time to time to check the length of the scarf. As you can imagine, my camo loving boy didn't like the pink fuzzy scarf. I figured that once it was long enough for my 4'10" son, it would surely fit even a large little girl. The stitches were also similar to the previous scarf I showed (the one for my son) so that it would be warm when needed and cool when running around all crazy!

I just hope that the little girl who received it loved it. I was, and still am, afraid that she is a major tomboy and using a scarf like that one just would NOT do for her. I suppose I'll never know!