Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Really, Im doing stuff!

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And lots of it! Trips to St. Louis, furniture shopping (that was successful), getting sick, having "deadlines" on knitting stuff, etc.

Just busy!

So, at this point, I've finished Mikes socks, pics coming if I dont forget! LOL! (I realize, Im really bad about post pics here because I post them on my Ravelry project pages.)

I'm now working on some disclothes for my sorta neices wedding coming up in May for part of their wedding gift, a pair of house socks that any of us can wear, depending on who gets to them first, and a pair of regular socks for me! Yeah!!

I'm also contemplating which damn sweater I want to make as well...more about that later.

Our house is a damn mess with stuff being brought in, held, moved out, and the generalized craziness of things. The tv arrived last night and is huge compared to what Im used to, the furniture should be here hopefully next week and then all that will be left is paiting, which will be a while still.

So, longer post soon, or maybe I'll fix this one up some and add more pics, we'll just wait and see!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Upgrading the house, a 2009 undertaking!

We are upgrading some things in the house this year and thought I would share this stuff with you all as you might just enjoy it! Or something like that! :-D

The pics include the two old bookshelves that we have now gotten rid of, Mike working hard on putting them together, and the semi finished result. I say semi finished because we will be taking it down later this summer in order to paint and stain it. Although I guess first I have to figure out what color to paint the room. Damnit, this year, we ARE going to paint this room!

More to come soon, as we will have a new tv "system" within the month!

Feta Salsa

Feta Salsa
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Oh Smitten Kitchen, how I love thee!! You have some of the *best* recipes on the face of the planet.

This stuff may look like puke, but it tastes like *heaven*!! I had soooo many requests for the recipe, that I finally had to save it to my work computer to easily access it and print it!

I also brought this to our office CHRISTMAS party (yup, something else I haven't blogged about for a while), and there was only about a 2 spoonfuls left, and if I hadn't snatched it up to take home so Mike could have some, I don't think there would have been ANYTHING left!! It was *that* good.

Snowball Cake Balls

Snowball Cake Balls
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Yes, a very late posting about these (since this was for the office CHRISTMAS party!!), but a posting finally anyway!

As per Bakerella's formula, I made Snowball Cake Balls. It was chocolate cake mix, vanilla frosting and white almond bark to cover. Some had coconut pressed onto the tops while they were still damp, others did not. And yes, they were awesomely good!

I only came home with about 7 of them (out of the 50 or 60 I took to work with me).  Talk about *good*!! Everyone now wants me to make the red velvet ones I had made this last summer, so that they can try that variety as well!