Friday, December 14, 2007

WalMart has caught up!

Guess what I bought today while picking up some stuff at Wally-Farts?


How awesome is that? Now I don't HAVE to make any!

See here to get more info.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Stools, ottomans, whatever you want to call them...

I would so love to have some that do not pick up my cats hair everytime I turn around, and I think that these are just perfect! Three of them for $89.00...thats what? little less than $30.00 per? Not too bad...though I might have to look around for something cheaper, I am a cheap ass, as we all well know!!

Here's a pic!

Yup, I'm a cheap ass...

While I love my four cats, I cannot imagine buying this tiny monstrosity! The Hepper Pod Pet Bed is stylish and even kinda cute in a star trek kinda way, but definately NOT $155.00 worth of CUTE!!!


Different doings

Well, this is certain to catch some sort of attention!

Courtesy of Living Etc., this is some cool stuff! See more at this link!

Smells of the holidays...

I forgot all about making pomanders, using oranges and cloves! Oh, how I love the scent! I might just have to make a couple come this weekend!

BTW, thanks to apartment therapy, yet again, for this wonderful reminder! Pic is also from their site!

Oh, Apartment Therapy, I love you!

Oh, the ideas that flourish upon that site! It just makes me croon, and swoon! If only I could come up with all the craftiness that they showcase! That must be why I just borrow their ideas and show them off here, although I do have other favorite spots that I will show stuff from too.

Night light anyone?

I think this is sooo cool!! I love this look, and being a major book-ish type freak, this is right up my alleyway! Plus, it's a DIY project! Beautiful!! Ah, if only I had that kind of time!

So, if anyone has the time and skills to make that for me, I would really appreciate it!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What do you think about this?

We have friends that decorated their tree a-la Hammacher Schlemmer, . This is the pic of their tree:

Boy did my coworkers have stuff to say about that tree! Although, knowing the owners of that tree, I think it's just like them! Interesting and different! :D

Now, here was another tree that was being shown off on's forums:


Not sur ewhat else to say about that one...

What do you think?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Some more interesting things I found last night!

Ya know I can't leave well enough alone, so I had to point this out from Decor8's blog.

This doily vase is just way too cute and I would love to have one of these, personally. Although, I guess you would have to put in a single stem or very light flowers that you don't mind croaking after one day. Personally, I think I would just put in a fake flower so that it would stay fresh and beautiful. Plus, then you could change it out when ever from other flowers that you might have for other decorations throughout the house. I just love it!

Monday, December 03, 2007

The cool things I saw today...

On Tiny Choices, I found what looks like it would be a cool little site for those of us who have families every where around the country/world/universe, for those who are a little spacier than others :) . Anyway, the site is called Elfster and looks like it could be pretty cool! I don't have a big enough family for this to work real well, but its still a cool idea!

Or another one on Apartment Therapy.

Who wouldn't want to sit in a chair that's a sculpture?

Or how about these beauties featured here? Here's some pics to ogle!

Busy Busy Busy

This has just been a busy weekend, filled with Christmas goodness! The rest of my decorations are up, the Christmas parade came through, and I finished up my grandmothers Christmas tree as well. We also had Alex's sleepover this weekend as well, full of late night movie watching and pizza to eat. We even worked on a gingerbread house this weekend also! Does that sound busy enough for you?

I'm also working on some of these decorations to put in my tree and around the house, and maybe this paper-craft star (scroll down!), too, since I can't find one that I like at the store!

Check out the photos while you're at! (The tree is a few posts down!)

Did ya see my little ham??

Anyway, must get for now! Enjoy the day!