Sunday, October 26, 2008

Adult tonsillectomy, post op day 4 (Saturday)

Guess what y'all? I have a slight cold to go along with all the rest of this doesn't that just suck ass? It's a good thing that I do sinus irrigation anyway, cause it really does help thin out the mucus and clean ya out somewhat so you can breathe a bit better. On top of everything else too. I did not sleep well last night, probably because my throat hurt sooooo much and because my nose was a bit stuffy last night, so mouth breathing increased really causing my throat to dry out and wake me up from pain. Not even the narcotic pain meds were cutting it completely.

I found out the hard way that cold stuff is not going to do it for me at this point. I just makes my throat hurt worse, rather than soothing it. It was not soothing at all. More like tear producing. So, warm stuff for now for the most part. My ears even hurt to the point of wanting to cause some tears, but what can I do? it's normal after having your tonsils ripped out to have some ear pain to go with it.

I had been told several times by several people that days 4 and 5, or day 4 or 5, were the worst, and I think I've figured out why. Cause by that point you're feeling fairly well, only to have the pain come back in full vengeance to pay ya another little visit. Swallowing brings a whole new sensation of pain, and you have to force yourself to swallow anything, especially since getting dehydrated is BAD! And so is a decrease in blood sugar, which is a definite possibility when you're barely eating a damn thing! Yet another reason why people loose 10 to 15 pounds afterwards. I can barely eat ramen noodles without causing pain, much less anything else! And I'm a few days out! And I don't see it getting any better!

We were supposed to go to a picnic, but with the way I was feeling, I knew that wouldn't be happening for me, so I sent Mike off by himself. Sounds like he had a grand time with all of the local and semi-local geocachers searching out caches and eating up a storm. I slept on and off on the couch sitting up all day. I had my water, my warm tea, and a travel pillow, and stayed just about where I was all day, except to get more to drink, go to the bathroom, or get something to munch on. So, it was a good thing I didn't go, cause I would've been miserable the whole time.

I'm also running a low grade temp again, up to 99.5-ish F. I'm wondering if I should be worried about this at this point, but Dr Simmons said something about not getting my allergy shot come Monday if I'm still running a low grade temp. I may call them on Monday, just to check up on it, but it sounded like maybe he thought I would be on and off for the healing period. I don't know and its better to be safe than sorry, so I will probably go ahead and call him. Maybe I can get some new antibiotics, since the current batch tastes AWFUL!!! And that puts it nicely!

Adult tonsillectomy, post op day 3 (Friday)

I'm a bit late on this, but so be it!

I felt wonderful on Friday. Got up, had a call from the dr's office stating that my tonsils were benign (which was a plus, because he was somewhat more concerned after he took the one side out and realized it was hard feeling). I folded some laundry, then took a nap, cause that made me fairly tired.

So, off to work I went after my little 45 minute nap. I had already knit one hat and crocheted another for some people at the hospital, plus I had a thank you card to drop off at the OR for the people that took such good care of me. I was there for about an hour and fifteen, then went by my friends work and stayed there for about forty-five minutes and by the time I got home, I was whooped. Completely. I slept for the rest of the afternoon, that's how whooped I was. And my throat HURT!! Too much talking!

I really kinda sucked to feel so well, but yet not be able to do much. Lesson for the day: Don't push yourself so hard!

Now: pic of hat I made for someone special (that isn't in my family...)

I hope he gets some use out of it!

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Post op day 2, adult tonsillectomy

Today I became brave! Or it sure did feel that way!! I drank some warm tea, not hot!! WARM!!! and it felt pretty good, and I have one and a half cans of soup and boy did that taste great too!! My only complaint was that it had small chunks in it of mushroom, or potato and that was fairly painful to swallow, even after I chewed on it some more. And these pieces were TINY!! Not big chunks, but small ones that any other person would have just swallowed, not even bother to chew up! And boy did it hurt!! I took my narcotic pain medication after that! Next time I know, take tylenol before hand and drink cold ice water to numb it up first, then eat and let the tylenol and cold ice water afterwards help out.

I've been fairly bored and got up and showered today and took the little one to school. Then I came home and did nothing but finish up a knit hat and start and finish a crocheted hat. I hope the recipients like them, since the one is a beanie and the person may not like it and the other is a little large, but I did that so that it would fit over her wigs she wears from time to time without being too binding. I think on Friday I will go ahead and drop them off and go visit with a friend of mine as well. I should probably try to get out and about some to get prepared for monday. I've decided that it is probably a good thing that my job consists of sitting on my rear the majority of the day, or I might find myself just flat worn out! And I may just find that out anyway!

So far so good, but as someone reminded me "the worst day is day 4 or 5". Well, I seem to be defying all the odds anyway from what people were telling me, so maybe that won't happen either. We'll just wait and see!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Post op day 1: Adult tonsillectomy!

Well, yesterday I was in a bit more pain than the day before. My neck was sore, stiff and painful, I had more swelling than the previous day and it didn't help that I wasn't using the ice packs or eating ice like I should've been. However, I got better in the evening, and felt much better by bedtime.

I've been able to avoid the narcotic pain medication for the most part and use tylenol instead. Granted, it's 650 mg arthritis formula (not that it makes it much different from the regular stuff, just that it's extended release and higher mg per pill), but still, it's just tylenol. I have only been using the narcotics for bedtime or for extreme pain (which I haven't really had too much of!)

I'm very sick of ice cream, and other cold foods, but what do ya do? I'm going to try warm stuff on post op day 2, such as some warm tea and soup. Anything other than ice cream, pudding, jello, etc. I'm sick of it!! And to make it worse, Alex ate pizza last night and it smelled soooo good, as did the saltine crackers he munched on later on!! Man! Does this suck!! Although, I know in my mind that I can't have this stuff cause it will cause extreme pain and possibly bleeding and I have no desire for either of those consequences.

So far I haven't had any post op bleeding and I'd like to keep it that way.

Last night, I slept really well, only waking up twice. Once to go pee the other to get more pain meds cause it woke me up. I also had some post nasal drip that didn't go over real well overnight, also. I haven't done my nasal saline rinse since Tuesday morning, so I guess I will have to do that soon. Nothing worse than chocking on post nasal drip! Good thing I'm not sleeping on just my pillow, cause I'm sure it would've caused me to cough a lot if I had been. Which brings me to the:

TIP OF THE DAY!! When they tell you to sleep with you head slightly elevated, LISTEN!! It really does help keep you from chocking on your own spit for one thing, and from coughing due to things like post nasal drip. I'm using my memory foam pillow, a small kids pillow and a thin adult pillow to help elevate my head up so that I don't choke on my own saliva. Probably a good thing, huh?

I also had a post op fever of 99.7 degrees F, at the highest. After a little research, I decided not to worry about it unless it got above 101 for more than 24 hours. It started late on the day of the surgery and lasted most of all of today. By the evening, it had worn off for the most part. No big deal! And apparently nothing to worry about, so I followed my instincts correctly, this time around.

Well, day after went fairly well, little problems. I hope this reassures some one out there that might be reading this.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The first 24 hours

after my tonsillectomy went fairly well. Not too much pain, considering I've have strep throat that's hurt more than this. It's more of an annoyance really, but knowing that it will soon be over makes my day! It's the lack of real food that is killing me! Not that I would really want to eat much right now, but I am steadily getting sick of jello, pudding, ice cream, ice, and yogurt. However, tomorrow, I am going to try some warm things, like my tea that I am missing horribly! and maybe some broth type soups. No semi-real food til maybe saturday or later, depending on how my throat looks, and feels, by then.

This was my first ever surgery, first time for anesthesia of any sort, and I scared myself about this procedure by reading too much stuff on the internet! Never, ever, ever look up "adult tonsillectomy" online. You'll begin to wonder what the hell you were thinking about when you agreed to go ahead with this! Everyone complains about the pain and agony, which I personally have little of so far (thanks for the high pain tolerance, whoever!), and how awful their recovery was. Well, so far so good 24 hours later, except for the lack of sleep last night.

For those of you who don't take my advice to never ever look up "adult tonsillectomy" online here is my tips that I have garnered so far:

1. Ice, and a whole bag of it! Chewed up and swallowed it feels sooooooo good, plus it helps keep you hydrated. Although, I'm sure the dentist wouldn't appreciate it, I'm sure, it is just a temporary thing!

2. water to go with the ice and to help keep you hydrated. My advice, get a pitcher, fill it up and keep it in the fridge so it will be good and cold...really.

*odd-ball foot note here: The cold stuff with help keep your blood vessels nice and constricted so that you will have little, or no, post op bleeding, which is always a plus! That post op bleeding will land you in the Emergency Room and possibly back into the Operating Room to re-cauterize your throat and you start out a square one again!

3. cool to cold foods for a few days, such as those mentioned above.

4. an ice collar. sounds strange, but it helps to reduce the swelling that occurs, even on the outside of the neck. By reducing the swelling on both the inside with the cold ice, water, and foods and on the outside, I think it feels gobs better. In fact those were one of the first things I grabbed right after I got up this am.

5. rest!!!! I can't stress that enough. I also believe that is why adults have so many more complications. They try to do too much. I found that out first hand last night, and all I did was get up, dressed, got ice with a little bit of water and then sat in the car to go to my sons school for an awards ceremony. By the time I walked into the school I was already just absolutely exhausted! By the time we got through the 30 minutes of sitting and got out of there, I was ready to sleep! And I really didn't do too much!

So, take the time off work, enjoy being a bum, don't worry about the house work, showering (for the next day, at least), or doing anything that doesn't include your butt firmly planted somewhere that you can sleep at as well! Meaning, the couch or bed! Seriously! That will do more fore you than trying to do so much stuff you make yourself sick!!!

Not to mention, you probably won't be sleeping well at night either, so it's very important to get rest throughout the day! I think I slept on and off all night a total of maybe 5 hours...maybe. I'd say closer to four, but let's not go that extreme. Maybe I slept more than I thougt...

I took a full dose of pain medication (I've been taking half doses this first day) at 11:00 pm, after snoozing some on the couch, took a full glass of water with ice in it to help keep it cold throughout the night and woke up at least 5 times to go pee, a good 10 to 15 times to get a drink of water, and twice for middle of the night pain meds (the first time it was too early, so I just went back to sleep, sorta, for another 30 minutes). I went though the whole glass of water by 6 am, so I got up and got more and laid back down for another hour before getting up for the day, where I'm now sitting on my butt on the couch listening to the news while playing on the computer. Yup, taking it easy.

So there's my advice on this subject, so far. I will probably continue to blog about it for a while, as I continue to add to my diet and activity level. For now, I have knitting to do, so that's exactly what I'm going to do for now!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Lookie at what I have now!!!

Originally uploaded by mlochk22@
A little garter snake for my backyard!! Hurray!!

And before you ask: yes I warned the snake about the lawn mower. And what happens if you meet it...unlike the other snake...

see previous post about my disappointment over that...

Blog your week Thursday...

as in last thursday, the 2nd of october. Yup, I suck...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Blog your week Wednesday

After some technical difficulties (ie: bad screwed up camera), and missing yesterday, I got a new camera and did snap a few pics for the day! Enjoy!