Friday, October 24, 2008

Post op day 2, adult tonsillectomy

Today I became brave! Or it sure did feel that way!! I drank some warm tea, not hot!! WARM!!! and it felt pretty good, and I have one and a half cans of soup and boy did that taste great too!! My only complaint was that it had small chunks in it of mushroom, or potato and that was fairly painful to swallow, even after I chewed on it some more. And these pieces were TINY!! Not big chunks, but small ones that any other person would have just swallowed, not even bother to chew up! And boy did it hurt!! I took my narcotic pain medication after that! Next time I know, take tylenol before hand and drink cold ice water to numb it up first, then eat and let the tylenol and cold ice water afterwards help out.

I've been fairly bored and got up and showered today and took the little one to school. Then I came home and did nothing but finish up a knit hat and start and finish a crocheted hat. I hope the recipients like them, since the one is a beanie and the person may not like it and the other is a little large, but I did that so that it would fit over her wigs she wears from time to time without being too binding. I think on Friday I will go ahead and drop them off and go visit with a friend of mine as well. I should probably try to get out and about some to get prepared for monday. I've decided that it is probably a good thing that my job consists of sitting on my rear the majority of the day, or I might find myself just flat worn out! And I may just find that out anyway!

So far so good, but as someone reminded me "the worst day is day 4 or 5". Well, I seem to be defying all the odds anyway from what people were telling me, so maybe that won't happen either. We'll just wait and see!

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