Sunday, October 26, 2008

Adult tonsillectomy, post op day 4 (Saturday)

Guess what y'all? I have a slight cold to go along with all the rest of this doesn't that just suck ass? It's a good thing that I do sinus irrigation anyway, cause it really does help thin out the mucus and clean ya out somewhat so you can breathe a bit better. On top of everything else too. I did not sleep well last night, probably because my throat hurt sooooo much and because my nose was a bit stuffy last night, so mouth breathing increased really causing my throat to dry out and wake me up from pain. Not even the narcotic pain meds were cutting it completely.

I found out the hard way that cold stuff is not going to do it for me at this point. I just makes my throat hurt worse, rather than soothing it. It was not soothing at all. More like tear producing. So, warm stuff for now for the most part. My ears even hurt to the point of wanting to cause some tears, but what can I do? it's normal after having your tonsils ripped out to have some ear pain to go with it.

I had been told several times by several people that days 4 and 5, or day 4 or 5, were the worst, and I think I've figured out why. Cause by that point you're feeling fairly well, only to have the pain come back in full vengeance to pay ya another little visit. Swallowing brings a whole new sensation of pain, and you have to force yourself to swallow anything, especially since getting dehydrated is BAD! And so is a decrease in blood sugar, which is a definite possibility when you're barely eating a damn thing! Yet another reason why people loose 10 to 15 pounds afterwards. I can barely eat ramen noodles without causing pain, much less anything else! And I'm a few days out! And I don't see it getting any better!

We were supposed to go to a picnic, but with the way I was feeling, I knew that wouldn't be happening for me, so I sent Mike off by himself. Sounds like he had a grand time with all of the local and semi-local geocachers searching out caches and eating up a storm. I slept on and off on the couch sitting up all day. I had my water, my warm tea, and a travel pillow, and stayed just about where I was all day, except to get more to drink, go to the bathroom, or get something to munch on. So, it was a good thing I didn't go, cause I would've been miserable the whole time.

I'm also running a low grade temp again, up to 99.5-ish F. I'm wondering if I should be worried about this at this point, but Dr Simmons said something about not getting my allergy shot come Monday if I'm still running a low grade temp. I may call them on Monday, just to check up on it, but it sounded like maybe he thought I would be on and off for the healing period. I don't know and its better to be safe than sorry, so I will probably go ahead and call him. Maybe I can get some new antibiotics, since the current batch tastes AWFUL!!! And that puts it nicely!

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