Thursday, October 23, 2008

Post op day 1: Adult tonsillectomy!

Well, yesterday I was in a bit more pain than the day before. My neck was sore, stiff and painful, I had more swelling than the previous day and it didn't help that I wasn't using the ice packs or eating ice like I should've been. However, I got better in the evening, and felt much better by bedtime.

I've been able to avoid the narcotic pain medication for the most part and use tylenol instead. Granted, it's 650 mg arthritis formula (not that it makes it much different from the regular stuff, just that it's extended release and higher mg per pill), but still, it's just tylenol. I have only been using the narcotics for bedtime or for extreme pain (which I haven't really had too much of!)

I'm very sick of ice cream, and other cold foods, but what do ya do? I'm going to try warm stuff on post op day 2, such as some warm tea and soup. Anything other than ice cream, pudding, jello, etc. I'm sick of it!! And to make it worse, Alex ate pizza last night and it smelled soooo good, as did the saltine crackers he munched on later on!! Man! Does this suck!! Although, I know in my mind that I can't have this stuff cause it will cause extreme pain and possibly bleeding and I have no desire for either of those consequences.

So far I haven't had any post op bleeding and I'd like to keep it that way.

Last night, I slept really well, only waking up twice. Once to go pee the other to get more pain meds cause it woke me up. I also had some post nasal drip that didn't go over real well overnight, also. I haven't done my nasal saline rinse since Tuesday morning, so I guess I will have to do that soon. Nothing worse than chocking on post nasal drip! Good thing I'm not sleeping on just my pillow, cause I'm sure it would've caused me to cough a lot if I had been. Which brings me to the:

TIP OF THE DAY!! When they tell you to sleep with you head slightly elevated, LISTEN!! It really does help keep you from chocking on your own spit for one thing, and from coughing due to things like post nasal drip. I'm using my memory foam pillow, a small kids pillow and a thin adult pillow to help elevate my head up so that I don't choke on my own saliva. Probably a good thing, huh?

I also had a post op fever of 99.7 degrees F, at the highest. After a little research, I decided not to worry about it unless it got above 101 for more than 24 hours. It started late on the day of the surgery and lasted most of all of today. By the evening, it had worn off for the most part. No big deal! And apparently nothing to worry about, so I followed my instincts correctly, this time around.

Well, day after went fairly well, little problems. I hope this reassures some one out there that might be reading this.

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