Wednesday, February 20, 2008

OK, so I lied...

I do have photos of one other project that I didn't show off yet!! Holy cow! What on earth was I thinking! LOL! Anyway, heres a pic of my project that I made using the provo craft site for a baby blanket. This was also given to my coworker who had a baby this last December. It went along with the the little fuzzy hat that I gave them also.

If you couldn't guess, it was made on my blue long loom from knifty knitter/provo craft. It's all one piece made from carron soft brand in soft pink (obviously it was made for a girl) using all pegs and making 100 rows. (without joining together, ie: flat panel, not in the round) It turned out so good!! I just loved it!

Here's some closer up pics of the border, which was crocheted in the shell pattern, I was also on the pattern from knifty knitter.

This one is really close up!

I was pretty darn proud of this thing...and by now I'm hooked!

I have so many things I've made and need to take pics of, I'll try to get to that this weekend...maybe! LOL!

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