Sunday, February 10, 2008

Let's post some more stuff I've made on the KK

Why not? I have gobs of small stuff that I've made this winter and I know others would appreciate seeing them and how I made them. I still have to take pics of three things that I've made (a shawl, a shrug, and a lapghan) before I can post about them, tho!!

I'll show you my DH's scarf and hat set that I made, or maybe my scarf and hat set....hmmmm. Decisions decisions.

Lets do mine first since I made it first, shall we?

Here's a pic of my hat that I made using the lion brand homespun yarn ( I oh so love that type of yarn, let me tell you!! It's so wonderful to feel!)

It was made on the yellow long loom (I didn't have any of the round looms yet) using just the typical e wrap (can you tell that these are my beginner knits?). I didn't pull up the bottom to make a brim, I just left it to roll (which I like better anyway) and then closed it off using the "beanie" method from the provo hints/tips/projects book that I bought. It was the simplest damn thing to do anyway! How hard is it to sting thread through all of the loops and pull tight and tie it off? It just worked!

I realized as I was looking through my pics that I don't have one of my scarf at all, so there is another pic I must take!

In lieu of that, here's a cute pic of my hat being posed with one of my pitty pats!

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