Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our accidental plantings

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We had no intention of planting these cucumbers where they are, they just wound up there! It actually happened due to a combination of too much rain, washing the seeds out of the furrows and my hubby re-tilling the walkways in order to get out more of the damn weeds.

So, when he took the weeds to fill in an indention in our back yard, what did we find a couple weeks later? Well, yup, cucumber sprouts!! Where they didn't really belong. However, I'm not transplanting the little sob-ing things, so we are just weeding them and put rocks around the area so we don't oopsie and mow them down!

Click on the pick to see all of our garden pics, updated just about weekly!! LOL!! I know, I'm obsessed! And Mike is even worse!

And I so need a banner for my backyard gardening efforts to add to this thing, not that I'd know how to do that...

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