Saturday, March 22, 2008

On Ravelry...

I am a very pleased member of Ravelry and I just love that site! I have so many wonderful things to look at and to learn more about and to, of course, make! I'm all sorts of smilie about that!

I've posted up some new projects on there and now need to figure out how to get them linked to this blog, so, I guess I'm going to try to get that figured out.

I've also got an account on Flickr (which I've been resisting...but that is what ravelry is linked to, so....ya know...) where the pics of my projects and other personal pics are at but couldn't get the link between this and flickr to work...maybe I can figure out how to get pics by themselves of something...more work for me I guess!

Also, as soon as I get the pics taken of my slippers I will post up the design as well!

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