Friday, January 25, 2008

Wow, another week gone!

I just can't believe it's been that long already!!

I guess I need to share some news around here, don't I? I have been busy knifty knitting my sons blanket, which I just realized today, I have sewn together some of the panels on wrong and now need to fix. Grrrr....but ah well, what can ya do?

I think I'll add a pic here of one thing I have gotten completed on my kk for you guys to view, finally!!

I made this scarf for alex to use, it's worsted weight yarn, very soft, in a darker green to match up with his camo coat (he's a boy and camo is soooooo popular, ya know!!

It was made with the pink long loom using all pegs with only one strand of the yarn, in order to keep it light while running and playing, but its long enough he can wrap it a few times to make it warmer, depending on the circumstances. I used the "figure eight" wrap on all rows. It was really fun and now I think I'm hooked (excuse the pun...)

More to follow soon, I promise!

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