Saturday, May 03, 2008

Frog catchin'

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Some group or another has put face on the trees around the walking trail here. I just found them to be too cute and made the family go back a few days after discovering them so that I could take pictures of all of them.

Well, THAT didn't happen!! My cameras battery DIED!! So there are about 20 more faces that I didn't get to take!! So, I guess at some point I'll go either by myself, or maybe with the other goobers in my house to get pictures of the rest.

That being said, I did manage to get a picture of one of my favorites. When Alex and I found this one, I laughed out loud at the absurdness of it all. Where else would you find a tree face EATING a frog?!?! LOL!!

Wait til you see the pics of what we've been up to this weekend. Last weekend we repotted my houseplants (see previous entry...) and this weekend, well...I guess you'll see!! LOL! Be on the look out for pics later on, probably tomorrow or sometime next week!

On other sides of my life, I am working on household helpers on my crocheting, such as reusable swiffer covers so that I can mop with it (and it works well, since I used it last week and it was so very damn easy!!) and some "sponges", pics of which I still have to take and share :) .

On another aspect of life, work is good...we've had our hours cut down some, but I'm alright as far as that goes, as at this time I'm gaining more PTO time than I'm having to burn. Whatever, I'm doing better than lots of others at the hospital are since I never really use my time.

And the last bit, school will be done in about 9 more weeks and graduation will be in August. I'm looking for a tiara (albeit, a small one) to put on under my cap as a great laugh for all of us! After this long, we all deserve to be "queens of the day!" and the tiara would be a great way to remind everyone of that fact!! LOL! I can't wait to see everyones reactions! And the pics will be great! And if I could find them in bulk for cheap, I'd buy them for all the girls to wear! Hmmm, better get to looking...

Also, while I'm thinking about it, I didn't like baking soda only...too much of a pain and it caused me to break out. I found a powder that works well, but I'm not sure how much safer it is than deodorant. The recycling thing here at the house is going good too. I'm still finding that I throw some things away that could be recycled, especially if I'm in the bathroom, such as toilet paper rolls or the plastic packaging the toilet paper comes in...but it's getting better. Our trash has went form two or three bags per week, to one with major recycling to be put out every week.

Now if I just had a compost pile for the food scraps...Hey hun, I know you'll be reading this, you want to start making me one? I know you can find a good tutorial online somewhere with some research! How bout that for a mothers day or anniversary present? Or for graduation? LOL! But seriously, that and a sewing machine would make my domestic life loverly...

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