Sunday, January 04, 2009

My Kitty Socks!

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Ive gotten one of my kitty socks completed, finally! I had a hell of a time with getting this one right and it stretched it somewhat, so maybe after a washing it wont be a smidgen too large. And if not, thats okay as well. I'll still wear them! And I didn't bind the cuff opening loosely enough, but again, I'll still wear them! I spent way too much time to NOT wear them!

I think this year my goal will to be to blog once a week, probably on Saturday or Sunday. I don't do a lot of blogging anyway, so that shouldn't be too hard of a goal, right? Just 52 blog entries...

Also in my news: I'm working on a big chunky scarf courtesy of knit.1 magazine that I will share next week, maybe by then I will be done with it! I'm pretty far already and it is a quick knit thanks to the super bulky yarn and size 15 U.S. needles! Plus, I'm out of school for another week, so that gives me a bit more time to get this one done and ready to wear! Which, on days that are below freezing, it will be very much so appreciated! Heres a preview for you:
Photo 28

I also made a hat for a friend of mine that I still have yet to send to her, and a hat that I want to make for myself from the same book (101 Designer One-Skein Wonders)...
Photo 30

Well, other than a more spring time scarf/stole thing that I'm working on, also from above mentioned book...
Photo 29

So, hope you enjoy this little bit of a sneak peek at what I'm knitting! I'm certainly having fun with it!

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