Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Kitty Socks from Hell...

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aptly named for the hell the first sock put me through! See previous posts for link to the pattern. Here is the whole story as shared on my Ravelry project page!

11/23: started these tonight! Yeah, new socks to enjoy!
11/24: oops, never talk while trying to concentrate on w&t, it will screw you up if you haven’t done it much! So, after trying to tink it, I had to frog it to be fixed…restart! And this time, I’ll use stitch markers to keep track of my wrap and turns!
11/27: Somehow I have managed to get my sock all screwed up…I’m purling when I should be knitting! WTF?!?!?! I’m not sure how I managed that one, but, I tried to tink it back to where I started the foot from the toes, and no such luck…back to frogging it again!! DAMNIT!!
11/27: Yup, you guessed it, AGAIN!!! I had only gotten to the tip of the toe when I realized I’d been NOT reading the directions like I should have been. You only slip a stitch 2 times, not every time! DAMNIT! When am I going to learn?
12/27: I’ve missed out on a lot with this sock in the telling of the story, but lets just give the highlights shall we? I made the sock long enough to fit my bosses size 11 womens feet and had to frog back (which I managed to do amazingly well!), left the lifeline in and proceeded to start on the heel, which could also be called yet another form of hell! Yup, screwed it up a few times and had to frog back to the lifeline, which I thankfully kept in. Smartest thing I’d done to date.
The second smartest thing I’ve done on this sock was to pick up 3 stitches on each side to help close in the hole from the heel. I did a knit, k2tog then a ssk, knit for one row on those extra stitches then a knit on the next row repeating until I had made the extra stitches go poof! And it look very nice if I say so myself.
Needless to say, I’m still working on it slowly, and my current desire to make other stuff right now isn’t helping me get this one done. But thats okay, it will still be there whenever I want to work on it!
12/31: finished the first sock and surprise!! Its a smidgen too big…damn. Oh well, I’ll wear them anyway! and maybe (hoping here) they will shrink a smidgen later on and wind up being perfect! Here’s to hoping. I’ll start the second sock tomorrow, I do believe!
1/4: This second sock is going much, much faster than the first one! Im only one full pattern repeat away from starting on the heel, believe it or not! How cool is that? Much much much faster this time around, and so far: NO MISTAKES! Heres keeping the fingers crossed that it stays that way!
1/9: Finally finished and wore them to work today! Didn’t even wash them first! LOL! I was too excited! It took me two days to get 8 rows completed on these, due to life getting in the way, you know what I mean, I’m sure! Good pics to follow! Soon, I hope!

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful masterpiece of oopsies and screw-ups and finally: REDEMPTION! wOoT!!

On the other hand: I'm already bustin out another sock for Mike, since he truly appreciates them! I'll share that info soon too. I need to get them done asap, since school resumes tomorrow and I have a *very* full classload!

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