Friday, September 19, 2008

There's no place like home...

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Or at least, that's the scene that this pic reminds me of. Cutesy little mary jane styled shoes with my very first pair of completed socks! They are a bit bulky because I used sport weight yarn, not fingering, but living in this area, getting fingering weight yarn seem to be next to impossible. Not to mention, the one (cheaper) store that does sell sock yarn sells some in colors I don't like, to tell you the truth.

Of course, I had to change the pattern some cause I'm sill that way, but otherwise, it was all good. I love this pair of socks and have already started on a new pair for me when my cranky husband demanded to know where his pair was?

So...after listening to him complain, I started him a pair using the magic loop method, which I really love doing! I'm going to do that for mine and Alex's handwarmers (dashing and fetching from I can get both done at once (which it really why I love the ML.

Alex made safety patrol, and since that means he has to be there somewhat earlier (we leave 10 minutes earlier than before), I have to get out of here!! I will be posting pics more frequently, because I now have a small (wonderful!) camera that I received for my birthday, so easy of pic taking has just gone up! No more big camera to drag around, I now have a pocket sized camera to take with me everywhere! Love it!!!

More to come later! And more pics of the socks on, just click the pic to get there!

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