Friday, August 01, 2008

Walking Stick of significance (to us anyway)

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We had never seen one of these walking sticks before. Mostly we see the mottled brown or gray tree colored sticks. Maybe some green ones on occasion. But a yellow one with large areas of green and red? Heck no! we ain't never seen a christmas walking stick before!!

We searched the internet but discovered that there are only 2,500 different varieties of walking sticks (with more being found as we speak...), making an exact identification somewhat difficult. Luckily, we have friends. Friends with entomology degrees...

So we got hold of our entomologist buddy, sent a pic via email and got a response back from him. Too bad my hubby deleted it, cause it had the exact scientific name on it (which I'll never remember). I do know, however, that it is the male of the species, cause the female is even larger than it and that it prefers oak leaves and grape vine. If I remember correctly (and don't quote me on this), it's one of the larger species in North America.

Enjoy the pic, more on flickr if you'd like to see them!

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