Monday, July 07, 2008


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Nanner peppers? Oh, they are soooo wonderful!! We picked off enough banana peppers to pickle 2 small jars of them. We are so pleased to be seeing the fruit of our labors. Hopefully the pickling is good, I used a fairly basic recipe.

It was just water, white vinegar, sea salt, fresh dill, and fresh garlic with the banana peppers. Here's hoping it turns out alright in about 3 to 4 weeks.

You should see the rest of our stuff that is now starting to come up like crazy, right when we are getting ready to leave for vacation! I did tell Sherri, Alex's step-mom who comes to look after the cats, that she could pick some if she wanted and they were ready. So hopefully any veggies won't get wasted while we're gone.

We also planted some new stuff. Our peas didn't do well so we ripped them out and our onions became waterlogged so they were gone too. We decided to plant some other stuff instead.

We've now added squash, romaine lettuce, and watermelon. Here's hoping it does well. On another note however:


Can any one id this plant??!!? We thought it was a cucumber plant, but it is now very readily apparent that it is NOT, but we don't know what it is!! This really is an accidental planting! Now just for comparisons sake, here is a pic of the cucumbers:


Yeesh, now what else could we possibly have grow in our garden. No cabbage, cause I don't want to cabbage patch kids, dammit!!

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