Friday, January 04, 2013

Run down

To sum up the day: worked, got pissy, continued to work anyway, got off work, came home, had a shot of tequila to cure the pissiness, and went to CoMo. We got an oil change and tire rotation done on the Ford while shopping and picking up a couple of things at bath and body works and sears. I apparently looked somewhat "in style" tonight as I was asked by a teenage girl my opinion on her dress. This was while I was trying on my newest pair of jeans, now bringing my grand total of jeans to three, two that fit well and one pair of "mom jeans". And btw, I'm obviously sick, cause I bought skinny jeans! And I *finally* found a peacoat that *fits*!!! Guess what came home with me also? it's a bright vibrant red...I like red :-) Then out to eat and now sitting in my comfy clothes drinking wine. I'm celebrating a good shopping day :-D

As per Facebook status for me today... :-)

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