Monday, January 17, 2011

Time flies...

Wow, I was amazed at how quickly 2 weeks go by, especially when you're crazy busy. Which I, I mean, we are right now. Alot of the care taking for my grandmother has now landed on my husband and I, so that has been keeping us busy as has taking care of other things, like studying for my registration exam (which I'm not doing enough of in my opinion), and other various things.

High light of the last two weeks:

Went out and saw a few eagles.

Found my perfect buttons for my cardi that Im doing a redo on (fixing some of the annoying parts of it or maybe just putting on a button band and new buttons...we'll see. I feel I should fix all of it, as that would be the "correct" thing to do, but as there are *no* knitting police, we'll just wait and see what happens).

Started another damn comment there...

Anyway Im outta here for now and will return sooner rather that later!

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