Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Well, let me tell you about one of my favorite designers of socks (I have two at this point, and I'll do the other one next...) I love Wendy's designs and the fact that they are designed from the toe up (which is my *favorite* way to knit socks as I think my joins suck on cuff downs) and are always sooo pretty!

Here's a linkie or two for you to see:

Pay for Pattern (all of her paid for patterns can be found at The Loopy Ewe)

Six Pack Socks

Here's a freebie from Wendy's website:

Catnip Socks

And finally a pattern that was originally just for her Plurk pals (and yes, that would include me!! :D )

Nanner Socks

And as a finale, the one I'm actually working on! I picked this pattern because I wanted something that no one would stare at me strangely at work! And I had a nice subdued colored yarn that would work well for my purpose. I had bought a Knit1 Magazine around Christmas time and found the pattern for Red Brick Road. I loved the simplicity and beauty of the socks and thought "this is the pair!" And I am now proud to say I have finally completed the first sock and already got the toe and one repeat of the pattern on the second one done...and its all of 85-90 degrees F here...and the yarn is wool...guess I'll be waiting a bit before getting to wear these!

But I wont be waiting to finish them since they are going on vacation with me!

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