Monday, May 25, 2009

Anniversary: Year 7 and counting...

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Id like to show off more pics, but unless I can get blogger to cooperate with me, this pic will just have to do for now!

This was my very beautiful anniversary present. Black hills gold grape leaves/vines ring. More decorative than the band I've been wearing, but not so decorative it gets in my way. I just think my hubby likes to buy me jewelry...

We had a wonderful anniversary, ate lovely food.
And it was good!! Mike made me a tequila sunrise (as evidenced by the pic with the ring...(and yes, that is a size 0 dpn used as a swizzle stick, isn't he inventive!) and he cooked the meal, and he even cleaned up!

He also placated me by getting me a small present to "tide me over" until he got up! I love shoes, did ya know that? So he got me a pair... And these ones aren't bad. Nope, not bad at all!

Anyway, lets see if blogger cooperates now, and if it does, I might have more pics for this entry. If not, may have to make the pics separate posts.

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