Friday, November 21, 2008

Me, you picked me? I really won something? Wow!

That's right folks, me, the one who never, ever, ever wins anything, won something!

I read a lot of blogs (understatement!!) and one of them is Phat Fiber Sample Box. I really enjoy all of my blogs, and this one is no exception! So when they had a contest on a set of handmade stitch markers from Pedras, I thought "hmmm, why not? I like that set there...not too girly, functional, and I like them." So, left a comment, but didn't think I would win anything! However, I did!!

Wow! I had to read the blog post ~ twice!! LOL!!! How's that for funny? Didn't think it was me the first time...It was my blog name that finally got my attention!

So, my winnings should be on its way soon, as I have emailed Jessie with my RL addy, so here's to learning some more patience!

And to both Jessie and Priscilla, Thanks!!

1 comment:

Vanillalotus said...

Welcomes. I have shipped them out so you should be getting them soon. I'm glad you won, I know how it feels to never win anything!